Thrifty Finds – June 3

Apple Pie Knitter a

Look what I found…an Apple Pie Knitter.  I remember this.  My friend had it.  I wanted it, but never got it.  It is an easy system to knit clothes for dolls Barbie sized.  Oh if I didn’t have to many things on my to do list.  I just might keep it and learn to knit with it.

Pepsi Eagle Plaque a

My son loves bald eagles so my eye always catches eagles.  I wasn’t sure what this one was, but I purchased it any way.  It is a Pepsi Cola Advertising piece from the early 1970s.  You’ve got a lot to live was their popular slogan back then.

Lux Wall Clock a

I sold a Lux Starburst clock a while ago.  It wasn’t working and still it sold.  I think it is the starburst shape that is popular.  However when I saw this Lux square clock, I decided to give it a try.  It feels German to me.

Old Wire Baskets b

I also added these handled wire shopping baskets to my shop.  I love the patina on them.

Old Wire Baskets d

I am almost hoping they don’t sell.  They would be great to create a rusty vignette in my home.

Letters to Santa Cross Stitch a

I found an unopened Counted Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking.  I have heard that these kits are desirable.  I actually listed it on Ebay instead of my shop on Etsy.  It is from 1993 so technically it falls under Etsy’s vintage category, but it just didn’t feel like ti should go onto Etsy. Wondering…do you ever purchase and resell counted cross stitch kits?  Are they worth keeping an eye out for them?  Do tell.

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – June 3

  1. I pick up cross-stitch and crewel kits all the time and sell a couple every month on ebay. Cheap, easy to store and easy and cheap to ship – and the buyers love them, which makes me love them 🙂 Love those wire baskets too, they wouldnt last long in my antique booth. Rusty metal is like customer magnets! Great finds.

    • Great to hear that cross stitch kits sell. Looking forward to seeing how this one sells. I love rusty metal too so not surprised others like it. You know if I ever get to Maine I will be stopping to see your booth.

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