Vintage Centerpiece

Aluminum PanThis past Friday I stopped at an estate sale.  It was almost noon, so I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I found this aluminum beauty.  This old bread pan has its dents but for $.50 I just couldn’t resist it. I rarely buy things for me to keep, but I thought it would make a perfect pot for a centerpiece on my patio table.

FlowersIt really is perfect for a little lavender–my favorite herb smell.  Now I can smell that relaxing smell all summer long.

This brings a smile to my face every time I walk outside.

Do you use your vintage goods to bring a smile to your face?

3 thoughts on “Vintage Centerpiece

  1. I use an old bread box that I found last year as a planter – no need to pay lots for a fancy planter at all!! I like your bowl – that has my thinking about lavender – I’ve never planted it before….

  2. Very nice, Karen, & wow – if u live lavender, u’d LUV the Ojai area – lavender EVERYWHERE u go & look ❤ Enjoy your summer! ;o)

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