It’s Still Life Finds – June 26

Pink Princess Phone a

I am spotting more old phones.  Look at this pink Princess Telephone.  I normally don’t like pink, but a pink phone just makes me smile.

Coke Napkin Dispenser a

Ok, the Coke fan in me just had to pick up this 1992 Repro of a Coca Cola Diner Napkin Dispenser.  Something about the chrome with the red and white that just makes me stop to look.  I have it listed, but I am so tempted to keep this one.  Problem is my kitchen doesn’t have red in it.

Coca Cola Clock

At the same sale I spotted this Coca Cola Clock.  Someone used the side of an old Coke crate and turned it into a clock.  I like clocks, so this one is special.

Coca Cola Duffle Bag a

I don’t think I showed you this either.  I found this a couple of weeks ago.  It is a Coca Cola 1996 Atlanta Olympics Duffle Bag.  Love the bright colors.  It was never used.

Jolly Jumping Jack b

Since my niece had her daughter I have been seeing all kinds of vintage toys that keep catching my eye.  My favorite colors are green and blue so this little Jolly Jumping Jack had to come home with me.

Grouse a

The last item for today is this Grouse 3D Wall Hanging by Fred Sweney.  I wish there was a better way to show how the image is 3D.  It is pretty, I love the texture of the vacuum art form.

Anything that you found lately that has sold quickly?

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