Thrifty Finds

Jaguar Train Case a

I have never owned anything “Jaguar” before.  I have had luck selling hard-shell train cases, so when I saw this gorgeous blue Jaguar train case I decided to buy it.  These little luggage pieces can be used for their intended purpose of flight necessities or a makeup case, but it can also be used for storage items in the bathroom or even barbies for a little girl.

Blue Tote a

Here is another vintage case.  It is a soft shell tote from Reliable Luggage.  I like the shape of it.

Blue Glasses Anchor Hocking a

Look at these lovely blue Anchor Hocking Glasses.  The blue is striking.  Love that it is a set of eight.

Wheat Juice Glasses Decanter a

Here is an orange juice glass and decanter set.  It has wheat going around the base.  I am sure this is a late 1970s early 1980s set.  I like the shape of the pitcher.

Rose Pitcher Glasses a

This pitcher set and only 3 glasses is stunning with its gold and white rose decals.  The gold shimmers, but I could not get a photo of it shimmering.  Not sure it will sell well because it only has three glasses, but the pitcher is so worth it.

Enamel Bed Pan a

Finally this unusual piece of a history, an enamel bed pan for him.  Love that it is chippy and rusty but the lid is still with it.  Could be an “interesting” statement piece if used as a flower-pot in your yard.

Are you finding any unusual pieces?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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