Drying Dill

Dill Patch

We use the herb, dill in our cooking, but it only grows for a short time in our garden.  So  during the summer, I dry dill.  Here is a small patch of our dill.

Baby Dill

In case you haven’t seen a dill plant before, this on is a small plant just growing. To pick dill just pull the tender leaves off the plant.  You don’t want the stalks.

Drying Dill

Then wash it and lay it on a dehydrator.

Dill on Trays

It depends on how much I have as to how thick I lay it on each tray.  The thicker it is, the longer it takes to dry.  This thick took about 2 hours with my dehydrator.

Dried Dill

You can actually leave it sitting out for a few days to dry, but it will turn a brownish green…still usable but not as appealing.  I like to use a dehydrator.  It is quicker and the lush green remains.

Dill Crushed

Once dry crush into small bits.  Pull out any long or thick stems and throw away.  Store in an airtight container. It smells good and is easy to keep.

Do you grow and dry any herbs?

4 thoughts on “Drying Dill

  1. Love this! I have thought about getting a dehydrator myself for the same purpose – herbs don’t have a long growing season here in Maine either. Which kind is it?

    • Dill sure can spread rapidly. I have to really weed at the beginning of the growing season to keep mine under control. It really is easy to do.

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