Do you find it hard to smile?  At family?  At friends? At Strangers?

I came across the post, Changing The World 🙂 One Smile At A Time, It is an older post, but it made me stop and think?  Do I smile at people?

I realize that I do smile.  Smiling comes easily to me.  I like to smile.  I like to smile at strangers or at friends I meet.  I don’t even think about it.  A smile just comes.  I love when I get a smile in return.

I started patting myself on the back.  Hey, I am making a difference in the world, one smile at a time.  But then I stopped.  Yes, I smile at friends and strangers, but what about my family.  Those three boys that live with me?

As I thought about it…I heard myself saying, “Put this away…Time to eat….what are you doing…go get the mail…” and none of them were said with a smile.  I don’t think I smile at my boys very often.

Why is that?  Why is it easier to smile at strangers than it is to my family, those I love the most?  So I am committing to smile more in my own home.  To show how much I really do love and enjoy my life.  Yes, I am going to change the world one smile at a time, and it begins at home.

Won’t you join me?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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