Milan Accident

Milan Accident

Last Wednesday evening my son, Z, was coming home from swim practice.  He was driving the Mercury Milan.  He was in the left hand lane.  A vehicle beside him decided she wanted the lane he was in.  He hit the brakes, but couldn’t stop in order to avoid the girl who didn’t look to see if anyone was beside her.  It definitely shook Z up, but no one was hurt.  The vehicle has $5500 damage.  Still waiting for her insurance to let us know if it should be fixed or if it is totaled.  Big M has been dealing with all the details.

Overall it could have been so much worse. Everyone is fine.  Makes us all be a little more cautious. Also makes me realize how much faith we put in other people to follow the rules of the road and drive carefully. We are one vehicle short right now, so it makes for some juggling of use of vehicles or me dropping off one son and going to take the other son somewhere.

So today, I am reminding myself how thankful I am that life is so good.  Everyone is fine. This too shall pass.

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