Scrapbooking 3rd Time in 6 Weeks

Joshua hunting

This weekend my sister and I were hunting widows, so she came and spent two days with me.  We chatted, eat left-overs, listened to music, went to Mass and scrapbooked.  It was a last-minute get-together, but it was so much fun and so relaxing.

I was able to get 14 layouts done and 5 cards.  The layout above, Hunting, is an 8×8 of JV this year when he got his first coyote.  There are too many of them in my Uncles pastures. It was important for JV to get one.


Harvard is an 8×8 of Z with his letter from Harvard.  We knew that with good ACT scores Z would get letters from all over the country, but just had to do a layout about the letter from Harvard.  No, he doesn’t plan to go there, but it was a fun layout to do to remember this time of Z’s life.

Snowy Days

Then I went back into time.  I did a snow and sledding layout as a 12×12.


As well as a 12×12 to remember the year we moved into our new house.  One of the good things was that the boys were able to use tools to put furniture, shelves and other things together.  I like to think of it as male bonding time.

Built Tough

I came across these photos of a time I tried to take a nice photo of my boys in 2008,  These type of photos were typical facial expressions I had. But now, I appreciate them more. A quick 12×12 captured this memory.


Wanted to capture a 12×12 layout of a fun time we had when we were at Bear Country USA, South Dakota in 2006.  I keep reminding myself to enjoy the little things, so layouts like this are important for me to do.  Keeps my priorities in the forefront of my mind as life gets to crazy, busy.

Silly Z

Then I found an adorable photo of Z.  This was when we lived in Bothell, WA.  He loved to take all my plastic out of the cabinets and crawl in.  This gave him hours of entertainment.  Now there is no way he could fit, but I have a feeling, it would be somewhere for him to go, if he could, and we still lived there. This 8×8 layout captures this awesome memory.

Playing Cards

The final share is this one of JV playing UNO when he was 2 years old.  Yes, our family loves to play cards, and it started when the boys were very little.  The other night we were all together for dinner, so afterward we had to play a game of partner pinnacle.  That will be something I will miss as my boys go off to college.  Glad that is a family activity of ours.

As you can see I don’t scrapbook chronologically.  I prefer to scrap whatever inspires me.  I hope to scrap photos of my boys when they are little long after they are gone.  Do you scrapbook in chronological order?


I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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