Love My Ninja


A couple of months ago my son accidental dropped my blender, and it shattered. It was a normal, decent blender.  It did an ok job, but I wasn’t willing to just get ride of it to get a new one.  But when it shattered, I had the opportunity to get a high-powered blender.

I decided on a Ninja that also has individual cups to make one smoothie at a time.  JV loves smoothies and he has been using it a lot.

I have started making Green Smoothies, and it has worked well.  I know a Vitamix might do a better job at making a smoothie out of spinach or kale but it works, and cost less.

Well, today I decided to make my Homemade Cranberries for Thanksgiving.  I decided to try the Ninja.  My old blender never would have been able to grind these fruits.  I just threw in one pound of cranberries, three oranges and three apples.

I turned it on, and it started working.

Cranberries b

It started grinding the fruit from the bottom.  I left it on for probably 1.5 minutes, then added sugar to taste.  Blended a little longer, and I got this…

Cranberries c

A nice, smooth cranberry sauce for our Thanksgiving table.  I am now thankful that JV dropped my old blender.  I am thankful for my Ninja.

Do you have a high-powered, commercial blender?  Which one?   What do you use it for?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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