Scrapbooking One Last Time

Nov 22 2013 Badlands Ministries a

The weekend before Thanksgiving my sister, Lynette, and I went to Badlands Ministries to scrapbook.  We won’t be scrapping until next, April so we really enjoyed and relaxed.  Out the window we saw these hills.  In the evening the hills just glowed.  It was absolutely stunning.

I didn’t finish many regular layouts, I mostly worked on finalizing my Project Life album.  I have been doing 7 on the 7th for 4 years.  I was missing some pages and journaling.  I wanted to finalize it.  I plan to continue keeping the 7 on the 7th.  Love the history of our family that it shows.

Everyday toes

The first layout is a mini layout.  I came across an old photo of the boys toes.  I love to do little 6×6 pages to write about a memory, or I this case, something about me…I hate anything between my toes.  When I am gone, will anyone care or remember?  Probably not, but I would love to know little things like this about my Grandmother.

Swim Growth

This one is a 12×12 of the boys 10 years ago, 5 years ago and this past fall.  I love seeing the progression of their growth on one page.  This type of layout are truly my favorite types of layouts.

Laser Moments

A 12 x 12 layout of something that was a regular occurrence in our house for years, the boys playing laser tag or something similar.  They no longer do it, so I wanted to capture that memory now.

Serious Fun

Finally a layout of the boys this summer with friends of theirs they have known since birth.  They were goofing off when I captured the one with all the boys in a line.  Finally after several shots, I asked if they could be serious.  Not sure if you can see their faces or not, but they are being serious.  I guess I got what I asked for.  Love these photos so I just had to make a layout of them.

So that will probably be all my scrapping for the next 3-4 months.  Z is in high school swimming and JV is on the 9th grade basketball team.  It is going to keep us busy as bees.

Do you scrapbook throughout the year or do you go in spurts like I do?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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