Good Books Read – Dec 2013

It has been 9 months since I blogged about what I was reading.  The last time, I kept losing my posts, and gave up.  However, it is the end of the year, so I thought I would tell you about some of the good reads from 2013.  I will have read around 95 books by the end of the year.  I still check them out from the library. I have read a few books on my tablet, but I prefer the feel and smell of a book in my hands.


I will start with my current read, Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moos. This book is all about how the food manufacturers hook us on their foods using large amounts of salt, sugar and fat.  It may not be my favorite read of the year, but I am glad I am reading it.  The changes in our food, especially processed foods since the 1970s is scary.  I would recommend reading it.


My most recent 5 star read is another Karen Kingsbury.  She rarely disappoints.  I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I do enjoy The Voice or The Sing-Off.  This book, Fifteen Minutes is one of her newest books and is set around the reality singing shows that are so popular right now.  Ms. Kingsbury kept me captivated as our star swore his possible fame wouldn’t change him, but the slippery slope happened.  I really enjoyed the ending.


My friend, Julie, recommended I try Christian mystery author, Dee Henderson.  Thank you, Julie.The prequel to her O’Malley Series was a 5 star. Danger in the Shadows.


I gave the first book in the series, The Negotiator, 4 stars but probably should have given it 5 stars.  I really like Ms. Hendersen’s writing style.  She keeps me wanting to read. Her characters are loveable with their flows.  I would recommend checking out one of Ms. Hendersen’s books. I plan to continue reading this series in 2014.


Another Christian author I plan to continue reading in 2014 is Irene Hannon.  I recently read her first book in the Private Justice series, Vanished. Wow, this one started exciting and kept me interested. I think this was another author that Julie recommended to me.


The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is a terrific young adult read.  There were unexpected twists in this book that had me giving it 5 stars.


I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan is another young adult novel that I would highly recommend.  It is an emotional book about loyalty and finding who they really are.


I have to add Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis.  A true story about a teen who went to Uganda and lost her heart there.  She has created an amazing place that has helped the Ugandians better their lives.


Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger was a fascinating read. It made me much more aware of marketing  and advertising have an effect on people. If you have any interest in psychology you will enjoy this book.

There are more, but this list is getting a little long.  I think I will set my reading goal at 72 books for 2014. That is only 6 books a month, but as I look at the new year, I don’t know that I will have as much time. As always you can follow me on Goodreads

What is your favorite new read or author?  Please leave a comment: I love finding out about new, good reads.

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