Down Right Freezing Here



At this wind chill temperature one can get frost bite in 5 minutes. Yes, it is that cold here.  At 11:30 a.m. it is -22F below zero as the regular temperature. If you look below that number it says feels like -46F. Now that is cold.  Yes, it is almost noon, and yes, the sun it out.  The wind is blowing hard…it is only about 15 mph now.  It was almost 30 mph last night.

It is so cold that public schools cancelled school today. They were mostly worried about children getting to school.  It is still so icy in neighborhoods after the freezing rain we had on Friday.  (As a matter of fact one bus slid into the ditch in a neighborhood south of us.)  If the buses were to slide in the ditch or stop running today, kids would be in danger. It is safer to keep them home.

So today we are doing school at home and doing catch up on things we have been easing up on during the holidays and busy sports schedules. My oldest is also working on scholarship applications.  I plan to get some new items listed in my Etsy Shop this afternoon.

I guess with a nice warm house and not having to go anywhere, this cold is a good thing.  Not that I want it to stick around.  The good news is we should have about 30 degree weather by this coming weekend. That is almost a 90 degree swing from our coldest wind chill reading. Life in North Dakota…

For those of you who are wondering why the tablet lists Baldwin rather than Bismarck, it is because we actually live much closer to Baldwin’s reporting station than Bismarck’s, so it is more accurate for where I live.  STAY WARM.

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