Boys and I

Life is just speeding by.  This morning Big M said, “I can’t believe February is almost half over.”  It is 6 weeks into the new year, and it feels like it was just Christmas.

Since life is crazy busy lately I decided to do a quick post on what is going on today, so I can remember a snippet of my life.

Today….I woke at 5 a.m. when Big M’s alarm went off.  Felt tired so was trying to go back to sleep, when it occurred to me that I hear Big M in the shower, but I don’t hear Z moving around.

Today…Z forgot to set his alarm.  He has five morning practices left for the swim season. He can’t wait till he can sleep in and not go to 6 a.m. practice. I have to admit, I will enjoy that too.  I don’t have to take him like I used to, but I still wake up.  Looking forward to sleeping until 6.

Today…it is so cold.  It is negative 25 degrees at 8 in the morning, but at least it is sunny, very little wind, and the days are getting longer.

Today…I have a backache.  Spent a total of about 11 hours standing on the cement pool deck on Friday and Saturday. I was head timer for Z’s team’s 2 day Swim Invite.  Then yesterday spent a few hours in the car to Dickinson and back.

Today…my Mother-in-law is staying at our house.  We went and picked her up to spend the week with us, so she can take in the boys’ activities this week. We have 3 basketball games, 2 swim meets and 2 piano festivals this week…and I wonder why with homeschooling, my online business, keeping the house going, etc, I don’t find time to blog.

Today…I am doing laundry.  Seems like I do a load or two every other day or so.  I don’t mind it so much since I really like my new washer and dryer.  My only complaint is that my washer does not wash a load in less than 90 minutes and usually longer.  But the clothes are clean, and I love my quick, gas dryer.

Today…JV finally is feeling better.  He was sick for the third time since Christmas. All last week he was miserable with a sore throat and headache.  No one else has been sick…knock on wood.

Today…we are doing our 30th week of schooling for the year.  It is really starting to hit me that I have less than 3 months of schooling with Z and then I am done.  I graduate, I am finished…wait, I mean Z graduates and is finished with high school.  Only one boy to plan for schooling next year. Mixed emotions are getting stronger every day.

Today…we are having leftovers for supper tonight.  That is dinner for my Idaho and west coast friends.

Today…JV has a basketball game this evening. He struggled playing last week because of being sick, but hopefully he will feel more energetic.

Today…I am reading The Calorie Myth and Drop Dead Healthy.  Really trying hard to eat better. I have made so much progress in feeling better because of changing what I eat.  Still a work in progress, but I am moving more and more toward eating vegetables, fruits, and proteins with some fats for my main source of calories.  Not cutting any food group out completely. Only eliminated foods I am allergic too like peanuts and yeast.  However, I feel better when I don’t eat a lot of process foods and carbs.

Today…I hope to watch some Olympic events this evening.  I enjoy the summer Olympics more than the Winter, but I try to watch a little of it. Those men and women are amazing athletes and have sacrificed so much to be the best of the best.  It is inspiring.

So what is today like for you?  Do you watch the Olympics? What is keeping you so busy?

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