Would You Buy It Wednesday, Nov 2

I have so enjoyed hooking up to Junker Newbie’s What Would You Do Wednesday link party, but she has been so busy that she hasn’t had time to host the party lately. That is ok.  I understand a busy and crazy life.  Don’t we all?

However, I still have something I want to show…these wonderful stove parts.  They are filthy and need some work, but when I saw them, I just knew I had to get them.  I am still not sure what I will do with the top part, but the base in this photo, I want to clean up and figure out how to use as a wall hanging.  The patina on this thing is so cool.

So would you have purchased these stove parts?

Would You Buy It Wednesday?

I am not sure why I bought this desk lamp.  I was at an auction sale this weekend.  When no one was bidding on it, my hand just raised on its own.  It is filthy, and it has tape on it.  But there is something about it.  I guess I like the industrial look of it.  It really is a lamp.  See.

Can you see the fluorescent light bulbs? It does work.  My kids said it looks more space alien than lamp.  It was made by MoBright Inc.  I do now know anything about them.

So I am wondering would have bought it?  What if I told you I got it for $1?

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Wondering How Much Longer I Will Be Finding These Goodies

This past weekend was windy, no sun (it only peeked out a little finally Monday afternoon), and cold.  I am not sure either day hit 60 degrees.  I know my auction sale and garage sale days are numbered.  My boys hit open pheasant hunting weekend, so my Mom and I hit a couple of garage sales and an auction sale on Saturday.  The auction sales around here are estate auctions held outside the homes of those either who have passed or have moved to a retirement center.  So to keep warm I wore long johns with a long sleeve shirt, two sweatshirts and a winter coat.  Yep, a little crazy.  

The first photo is of some tobacco tins I came across at garage sale.  I do not smoke and am actually allergic to it so it bothers me.  However, I love the old graphics on these cans.

I loved the shape of this old alarm clock.  However it doesn’t work, so I will probably take it apart to use the face for a craft.

I saw this 8×8 cake pan at a garage sale. I had never seen this pattern on an Anchor Hocking Fire King dish before.  It is called Heritage, I believe.  It actually makes me think of Christmas.  Can we really only have 10 weeks before Christmas?  Say it isn’t so. 

This little teapot is from Japan.  I like the intricate design.  I had bid on a box with it in and didn’t win.  I saw that the woman who won the box picked up a different item and never even looked at her teapot.  Later as she walked by me I asked her if she bought the box for the teapot.  She didn’t even seem to realize that it was in her box.  She said that she didn’t want it.  If I wanted it I could have it for a dollar.  Yep, snatched out a dollar from my pocket as quick as I could.

I was able to win this Montgomery Wards Treadle Sewing Machine. It still works even though the belt is wearing thin.  It isn’t very ornate. I actually like the simplicity of it.  Makes me reflect on the hard times that those that homesteaded in North Dakota had to go through.

The final item is this chair, or at least I think it is a chair.  As my Mom and I were walking up to a garage sale, I saw it and walked over to it.  The lady saw me and said, “take it home for $.25.”  What, $.25?  I asked her what it was, and she said she thought it was an entry or mudroom chair.  The top tray is for putting your keys and change on it.  Then you use the seat to sit on while putting on your shoes.  However, why is the seat so low?  You can’t tell, but the seat is only about 6 inches off the ground.  Would you have bought it?

I haven’t decided if I am going to sell it as is or if I am going to spray paint the gold and recover the chair.  I haven’t been very successful in reselling my upcycled or redone items locally, and I still haven’t figured out how to ship a large item?

If you have sold and shipped a large item, how did you do it?  My biggest issue is where to get a large enough box or do the shipping companies box it for you?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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Green Mood Monster

The other day I posted about the stories the military canteen from 1918 could tell. I had found the canteen as surprise in a box I won at auction. On a lighter note, how about this guy?  He is a Green Mood Monster Bank.  He was another one of my finds in a box at auction.  He is a wooden bank, and on each side a different emotion is shown.

I wonder about who owned this. Did he or she turn it every day?  Did they ignore it except when they put a coin in it?  Which emotion was the one they had facing them the most often?

One thing I know is that this person was named Thorp.  I wonder why he felt the need to write his name on the bottom of this little monster?

Today this little guy is showing this emotion….

Sad.  My husband’s uncle died this past week, and today we are headed to his funeral.  Yes, we celebrated this weekend with my niece and new nephew because life does go on.  However, today I am sad. Not only do we have to say goodbye to wonderful man, but my husband’s Dad died 11 years ago today as well.  So today is a sad day for us.

What emotion would you face forward today?

The Stories This Could Tell

One of my favorite things about auctions is when I win the bid for an item, and I get a box or two with it.  My husband thinks I am crazy…why do I want to lug home extra boxes?  I love the element of surprise.  One never knows what will be in those boxes.  Most of the time, it is junk or at best, items that I donate to our local thrift stores.  However once in a while there is a wonderful surprise.  This canteen was one of those surprises.  As I was digging through a box recently I found this heavy metal item.  Upon inspection and cleaning I discovered a gem of an item.  It is an aluminum military canteen. 

It is dated 1918.  That means this canteen is almost 100 years old.  It probably was used by a soldier during World War I.  Oh the stories this canteen could probably tell…how this soldier had to eat in 30 seconds his rations for the day, or how a bullet just whizzed by, or how the last drops of water from this canteen refreshed a thirsty soldier.  Ok, maybe this canteen was used only in training camp, but it still could tell stories of the achy, tired soldier’s determination.  It really doesn’t matter how this canteen was used.  I just know that it must have been used by someone who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country. 

Thank you to all our military personnel, around the world, men and women, for enlisting and doing their duty no matter what.


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Would You Buy It Wednesday?

Do you watch Picker Sisters on Lifetime TV?  It is a new show, I think only 5 episodes so far.  The show features Tracy and Tanya.  They were originally on Extreme Makeover Home Edition on ABC.  I am not sure if they are on that show now or not.  I have to admit, I still like American Pickers better, but this show is good to watch because these ladies are interior designers.  They go throughout the country finding junk their sidekick can turn into creative furniture for their store in California.  If you haven’t seen it, you should.

This weekend when I was at an auction sale, this lovely  filthy, dusty, tin piece, a roof vent it was called, came up for bid.  It is about 1.5 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter. I immediately thought of the Picker Sisters; they would love this piece for some modern side table.  When no one bid on it, and the auctioneer was asking if anyone would pay one dollar, I raised my card.  Yep, I bought it for a buck.  Now what do I do with it?  It will probably sit in my husband’s garage for a while waiting for inspiration.  If inspiration never comes or my sweet husband gets tired of looking at it, it will go for consignment or recycling.

So would you have bought this roof vent?  Have you ever been at auction and finding yourself raising your bid card even though you probably shouldn’t be raising it? 

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Weekend Finds

The weekend just sped by as always.  Have a few finds to share with you.  Hit just a few garage sales, and they were busts. Wait I did buy one vintage scrabble game for $.25. Hit one thrift store and found this Sesame Street ABC toy.  I love that the pictures are all in excellent shape.

Spent a beautiful day with my Mom at an auction sale on Saturday. Sitting in the shade, bidding on fun items and getting them for $1, $2.50 or $5 for an item or a box.  My kind of entertainment.  This was especially relaxing since I spent Friday painting the outside of my MIL house.

If you have read any of my blog, you know by now that I have a weakness for wooden tool caddies of all kinds.  This one is a hand craft tool caddy.  A little bigger than I like, but I couldn’t resist it.  The red carpet has to go, but it will be fun to keep my tools in.

Thought this cobble form is great.  Also got a wood box of 5 shoe forms, but didn’t get a good photo of it.

This is a beautiful porcelain sugar bowl and a soup tureen.  They are Homer Laughlin Gregorian Eggshell.  I can’t find the pattern name yet.  Really neat pieces.

This is a vintage Toddler Bouncing Chair.  I am thinking from the 1960’s.  Look at the leather seat backing stitched with green yarn.  Very simple compared to the baby bouncers of today with their 20 toys attached to it.  This one has beads on it, and that is it.  No wonder kids need constant entertainment now-a-days; it starts at an early age with their baby bouncers.  Ha.

This is probably my best and most surprising purchase; a McCoy Banana Cookie Jar.  I knew it was a good piece, but found that in August, one sold for $76 and one sold for $122 on ebay.com.  I think that this one is going on ebay. 

Did you have any luck on your junking outing this weekend?

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