In Order to Be Great…TED Talk

Do you listen to TED Talks? I do from time to time. I just had to share this one with you. Unfortunately I can not get it to embed in my blog.  You will just have to click on this link:

In Order to Be Great We Need to Get Over Ourselves, by Monsignor James Shea.

This man is very smart, has several degrees and was appointed as the youngest head of a college in the nation four years ago at the age of 34.  His talk is brilliant and interesting.  It also is a great example of how to give a good speech.  He has the timing down, the humility, and the humor that makes me want to keep on listening. Hope you enjoy this 15 minute video.

I would love to know what you think?

Painted Side Tables

side table

I had my current side tables since the early 1990s when we purchased our first home.  I wanted round tables instead of rectangle tables. I also wanted them to be painted to match or coordinate with my painted wall.

I had been looking for a while, not finding anything finished that I liked.  Last spring I found a set of unfinished side tables online that I really liked. I paint found items, so I could do it right?

side table unfinishedWhen I opened the box, I became intimidated.  It seemed overwhelming, plus I wanted to do them right.  They weren’t something I was going to sell, but actually be in my own living room.  So they sat in my garage all summer.  As a matter of fact I painted nothing the entire summer.  I just couldn’t get past my intimidation.

Finally in September I knew that the weather was going to start getting cold.  I do not have heat in my garage. I need to get them done.  One Saturday while my husband and boys were gone I pulled them out and started painting.

side table painting

I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, Louis Blue.  It was a close match to my wall. I loved that I didn’t have to sand or use a primer.  I also knew I wanted dark table tops, so I stained them.  Then I got intimidated again.  I wasn’t sure how to finish them.  A new business in town, Eco Chic Boutique, was holding their first chalk paint class in town.  I jumped on the chance to learn some new ideas about painting.  I learned about their clear Soft Wax.  I grabbed some and came home to finish my tables. Big M helped me put the tables together.

side table finished

I am really happy with how they turned out.  They are little taller than I would prefer but after enjoying them in our living room for a couple of weeks, we have adjusted to their height.  It feels great to know I finished this project, and we all love it.  Now I am trying to figure out what else I can paint.

Have you used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint?

Jot Magazine – Online Scrapbook Magazine


During the height of scrapbook popularity I used to read several scrapbook magazines every month. Now there are very few left in existence. I no longer subscribe to any that are left. I miss reading them. I enjoyed the articles, and I loved to read the journaling on the layouts.

I found an online scrapbook magazine that I wanted to share with you. It is called Jot Magazine. It is free to read or download. It is beautifully illustrated and laid out. I enjoyed looking through it during my lunch. I have to admit, however, I missed the flipping of pages instead of just clicking, but at least I get to read some great articles and journaling. The site even includes some challenges in order to inspire you to create a fun, new layout.

Do you read any scrapbook magazines online or in print?

Homeschooling Thoughts

I rarely talk about homeschooling on this blog, but it is a major part of my life.  It’s one of my top priorities, so it takes a lot of my time.  I now have a senior and a freshman. Gone are the elementary and junior high days.  We do trigonometry, computer science, American history, and the like.  My aging brain finds it harder and harder to learn.

However, I am glad I homeschool my kids.  There are tough days, but overall I love being with my boys and watching them grow and learn.  I do know that over the years I have made some mistakes.  Some that I continue to rectify, and others that we are just dealing with; can’t change them.  I remember when I started, I thought someone doing it for 10 years was a veteran.  I am on my 13th year, and I still don’t feel like a veteran because each year is so different.

I ran across this article, 25 Homeschooling Truths I Wish I Had Known on Homeschool Diaries.  I do wish I knew them when I started. Maybe if I had known them, I wouldn’t have made some of my mistakes.

BUT mistakes or not, my boys have turned out to be quite the young men.  They are respectful, kind, generous and, oh yeah, quite smart.  I am proud of them, and I kinda like ’em.

Wake – Reconnecting with the World


I just started a photography class at Big Picture Classes called, Picture Everyday.   n the class, we will be taking photos of everyday things and happenings for a few weeks.  It has been 2 or 3 years since I have taken a photography class, so I decided to join this one.  Tracey Clark is the teacher.  I have taken classes from her before.  I always love her prompts.  I think you can still join if you are interested in improving your photography.

Today was Wake.  So I took a self-portrait of me at my computer.  I always wake and reconnect with the world.  See what is happening, news, Facebook, and check my Etsy Shop to see if I had any sales.  It is the way I start my day, right after a morning hug for Big M.  Then after Big M leaves for work, I do my prayer and devotion time.  Then I am ready to wake up JV at 7:00 to get school going.

So what do you do when you Wake?

Sewing Drawers

Sewing Drawers b

I really like the look of old sewing machine drawers.  They also have great functionality.  They can easily be used for display or for storing items.  They are perfect for storing ephemera or scrapbooking supplies.  I recently found 4 more drawers, so I listed them this weekend.

I had 6 other sewing drawers this summer that sold to two different people.  The first person, Ebony, bought two of them.  She has her own videography business called, French Lace Studio.  She purchased them for use in a display to hold her fliers at her first Bridal Expo.  How cool is that.

Sewing Drawers Ebony

Ebony was kind enough to send me photos of her booth.  Look at her lovely booth.  Notice the sewing drawers?  She painted them and distressed them.  They look simply lovely.  Ebony said that those sewing drawers will be used again at her friend’s country-style wedding next year.  Yes, these messages keep me hunting and searching for treasures.  I found some great pieces that Ebony took and made into something simply lovely.  Also, I “met” a kind and friendly person too.

If you have a minute you should check out her French Lace Studio website.  She has an amazing video there that just captivated me.  I want to get married again just to have her do my wedding videos.

Good luck to you, Ebony, in your new business venture.  I am glad you are putting a feminine touch to wedding videography.  The brides in Australia are lucky to have you.