Vintage Centerpiece

Aluminum PanThis past Friday I stopped at an estate sale.  It was almost noon, so I wasn’t expecting much.  However, I found this aluminum beauty.  This old bread pan has its dents but for $.50 I just couldn’t resist it. I rarely buy things for me to keep, but I thought it would make a perfect pot for a centerpiece on my patio table.

FlowersIt really is perfect for a little lavender–my favorite herb smell.  Now I can smell that relaxing smell all summer long.

This brings a smile to my face every time I walk outside.

Do you use your vintage goods to bring a smile to your face?

Decor Steals

Daily deal for April 30.  Every day is a new item.

Daily deal for April 30. Every day is a new item.

Have you heard about Decor Steals?  You haven’t?  Well, let me tell you that it is my favorite Home Decor Flash Sale site.  Everyday they have a flash sale on a home decor piece.  Here is their description of their site.

DECORSTEALS is a unique shopping experience that allows you to purchase home
decorating items at a fraction of their retail price. We offer a unique
decorating piece every day at prices up to 80% off retail. Starting at 10AM EST
daily, there will be *ONE* new deal of the day and a few new extended steals for
the pieces you loved but missed. Of course, if we get lucky and find more!

If you love vintage, shabby chic, funky home decor at reasonable prices you are going to love this site.  Go sign up for daily emails to see their daily deal.  I do not receive anything for telling you about this site.  I just love their items, and at $5 for shipping, you can really get some great deals.

Updating a Wooden Bowl

This is not the way this bowl started.

Recently I found an old wooden bowl.  Loved the shape but its dated color…brown… and its white marks made it, well, ugly, See…

So I pulled out my spray paint.  It felt so good to paint again.  I have been so busy with life and my business that I kept putting projects like this on the bottom of my list.

I sanded it down, covered the bottom with a piece of paper because I wanted to leave the bottom brown.

I just traced the bottom on paper, cut it out, and adhered it with removable tape.

I primed it, then I used an Heirloom White.  After it was dry I distressed it,  and I sealed it with a clear spray.

It looks more white than it really is.  Originally I redid it with the intent to resell it. Now I think I might have to use it for a centerpiece bowl for a while.

I think it would look lovely with a set of old Christmas bulbs in it.  Oh, no, I am not ready for Christmas  How about a bowl of acorns?  Yep, that would look nice too, but not ready for fall either.

Awe, that is much better.  Feels more like a back to school bowl.

Have you updated a vintage find lately?

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Collection – Aluminum Hot Water Pots

Molly at Vintage Velda is holding her second collectible link party.  I didn’t get around to posting about a collection last month so here is mine for this month.

Here is my collection of 3 aluminum hot water pots.  All of them are from Wear Ever. They all have black char on the bottoms, indicating that they were used over an open fire. They are on my top shelf in my kitchen display cabinet for right now.

My collection started earlier this year with this pot I acquired at an auction sale.  It is a coffee pot and has the innards, but it isn’t in good shape.  I just loved the handle shape.  It has a patent of 1902, but I do not know how old it really is.

The next one was this little guy that was in a box of all to go at another auction sale.  It is a teapot.  I love the shape, as well as the handle.

The final one was this one. It is a big sister of the other teapot.  The inside is so filled with water deposits, but again, I just love the look.

Nope, I do not use these beauties, they are just for looks.  I am a tea drinker, so what I use is this newer beauty that my friend, Julie gave me a couple of years ago. Yes, I love vintage items, but I do love new, beauties as well.

So what do you collect?  Bog about it and link up to the party.

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Romanesque Mirror Redo

This past spring I found this Romanesque looking mirror at a thrift store.  I loved the look of it, however, it was gold and peeling.  I do not have anything gold in my house.  I took it home.  I knew I would find a way to make it work.

Two months ago…yes, I am only getting around to showing you because finally it is up on the wall.  My husband was a dear and put it up for me this weekend.  Any way, two months ago I sanded and painted the mirror the same color as my wall.  I used a glaze on it because I didn’t want it shiny and boring.  I really like how it works in my house.

Here is a close up of it to see the color better. I should have taken a photo of it before it was hanging.  It is in a darker spot in my house, but I am not taking it down now.

Have you upcycled or redid anything lately?

Fall Decor

Finally I am finished decorating for fall.  I love the fall colors and normally I have my home decorated for fall in September.  But this year I was slow.  But not to worry these decorations will stay up until Thanksgiving when we take it all down and decorate for Christmas, so I have time to enjoy them. I am not big into Halloween so I never decorate for Halloween. 

I do not have a mantle so I decorate around the house on little tables and above my kitchen cabinets.  The above photo is on a table at the top of my stairway.  The glass pumpkin was thrifted for free.  The rest was from Real Deals or Walmart. Oh and the sign I got the saying from Stampin’ Up! and put it on a tile.

Here is above my kitchen cabinets.  I always leave up “It’s All Good” because I say “Life is Good, It is all Good.” often.  My sister gave this to me a couple of years ago, and I love it.  The plate was a gift from my friend, Julie, thanks.  The leaves and potpourri pumpkin were from Walmart.

Just a little fall on the piano.

I have had this couple for a few years. They stand at my entryway, greeting any visitors.

This is also in my entryway.  I just realized that I took a photo before I put pinecones in the green boxes.  Oh and I just got those boxes at Traveling Trunk just the other week. Love that I never know what I am going to find there. The cream can is always in my entryway.  It is from my Dad.  His name is on the gold plate, and it brings back great memories of when I was little.  I used to ride with my Dad to take the separated cream to the railway to sell.  I was probably about six when we stopped doing this, but I remember. I would never part with this item.

Finally this little area.  The sign, the lady and the garland are from Real Deals.  The gourd is from my garden, and the rest I thrifted.

So there you have it.  A little bit of fall in my home.  The weather is cooling down (not even reaching the 50s on Wednesday) so I am ready to enjoy.

Have you decorated for fall or Halloween?

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Iron Shelf Redo

There is something about this beautiful iron that just drew me in when I saw it at a garage sale.  However, it had an oval mirror in the middle.  It just didn’t quite work for me.

To me the mirror just doesn’t go well with the beautiful iron.  So I decided I need to alter it. Not sure if the chalkboard craze is over yet or not, but I still like it. So I taped all the iron and got out my can of spray on chalkboard.  Here is the results.

Much, much better, don’t you think.   The fun part is that it can be turned upside down and just set on a shelf, and it would work too.

It really does work either way.  But whichever way it sits, the black chalkboard is just so much better.

Have you ever used chalkboard paint or spray?

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4th of July Display

I am a little slow, but I finally took down my spring display (we had such a short spring here in ND.)  I want to show you my 4th of July display.  Actually this display stays up the entire month of July because I love the USA and red, white and blue.

The angel candlesticks were found at a garage sale.  The metal stars and the star box were found at Real Deals last year.  The candle wrap was a printable from Poppies at Play.  There were a few different wraps from which to choose.  I printed mine at 7×5 and wrapped a white candle; so simple.  Go here is you want to get these printables and check out the rest of the blog.  Some great inspiration abounds.

In the above close up, you can see the plaque a little better.  One of the many blogs I follow is Just Another Hang Up.  Every month since last September Suzanne posts a free printable the size of a 6×6 plaque.  The plaques are easy to print on patterned paper.  I layered the printable on white cardstock and then glued it to the plaque that I painted a Thunderbolt Blue.  Go here to get the information on how to get the July printable. 

This one didn’t make it to my 4th display but I really like this printable from Every Creative Endeavor.  Go here to check out this free printable for the 4th.

Do you decorate for the 4th?

Thrifty Spring Decor

I realized today that the 4th of July is around the corner.  It is hard to believe with the weather we are having here that summer is already flying by.

Before I decorate for the 4th, I wanted to show you my spring corner.

The only thing that was new is the little bird on the bottom left hand corner and the eggs.  I purchased the bird and the eggs at Real Deals for less than $5.  I really enjoy that store.  They are only open 2 days per week, and their selection moves fast.

I got the checkered vase and flowers for $1 at a garage sale intending to repaint it, but it worked so well with this display, I left it.

The sign is a printable from this blog, Just Another Hang Up.  She does a monthly Plaque Attack where I download her subway art for free to print for my private use.   I printed it on a soft yellow scrapbook paper and glued it to a wood plaque that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I painted it an apple green. 

The pot I purchased at a thrift store for $1.50.  It was marked on the bottom $49.99 from Kohls.  It was a nice pot, but I wanted something bright and cheerful.  So I painted it apple green as well.  Check out the before and after.

The scallop wooden bowl with the eggs was purchased at a thrift store as well. I probably will paint it someday, but I wanted a wood look to the display.

The little yellow bowl is wood that I purchased at a thrift store.  I think they were 6 for $1.

 The green candle was a gold candle.  It was on sale for half off at a thrift store after Christmas.  I bought them for $1.  Looking forward to using the others in my future home decor.

Now that you know what I did to create my spring display, Here it is again.  A fun cheerful corner.

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