Skeleton Decanter

Skeleton Decanter

Look at this guy I found last month. He is a Reis Skeleton Decanter set.  The cups are so cute hanging on the barrel.  I couldn’t find any others like him, so I decided to list him on Ebay.  I was pretty sure he was vintage, but because I couldn’t be positive. Etsy just wasn’t where I wanted to list him.  Sold him over the weekend.  I think he would make great Halloween decor. I normally don’t get into Halloween because of the negative, scary part, but he is actually cute. Love collectors.

Sewing Drawers

Sewing Drawers b

I really like the look of old sewing machine drawers.  They also have great functionality.  They can easily be used for display or for storing items.  They are perfect for storing ephemera or scrapbooking supplies.  I recently found 4 more drawers, so I listed them this weekend.

I had 6 other sewing drawers this summer that sold to two different people.  The first person, Ebony, bought two of them.  She has her own videography business called, French Lace Studio.  She purchased them for use in a display to hold her fliers at her first Bridal Expo.  How cool is that.

Sewing Drawers Ebony

Ebony was kind enough to send me photos of her booth.  Look at her lovely booth.  Notice the sewing drawers?  She painted them and distressed them.  They look simply lovely.  Ebony said that those sewing drawers will be used again at her friend’s country-style wedding next year.  Yes, these messages keep me hunting and searching for treasures.  I found some great pieces that Ebony took and made into something simply lovely.  Also, I “met” a kind and friendly person too.

If you have a minute you should check out her French Lace Studio website.  She has an amazing video there that just captivated me.  I want to get married again just to have her do my wedding videos.

Good luck to you, Ebony, in your new business venture.  I am glad you are putting a feminine touch to wedding videography.  The brides in Australia are lucky to have you.

Thrifty Finds – Sept 9

Owl Wall Hangings

It was the annual city-wide garage sale weekend, so my Mom came to Bismarck. We hit a total of 117 garage sales this past Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t get to go on Saturday, but don’t feel too sorry for me.  My husband got tickets to the NDSU football game in Fargo.  They were the Division 1A Champions for the past two years in a row, and they beat Kansas State last weekend. It was a fun time to go even if they beat their opponents 52 to 10.

The owl wall hangings weren’t expensive.  I think owls are still popular.  Not sure.  But they are a cute 70s look, so had to pick them up.

Turkey Planter a

I was able to sell my three pink planters recently.  So when I found this at the bottom of a box, I figured it might sell this fall for Thanksgiving décor.  It is a Replo turkey planter.  I really love the colors. I think he might have to sit out until he is sold.

Pink Pig Planter

Since I am talking about planters, look at this Pink Pig Planter.  It was in a free box at a sale.  I don’t think he is McCoy.  I will try to research him a little more.

Cat Mug

It is looking like an animal theme here.  I purchased this Waechtersbach West Germany cat mug.  I thought it might be valuable.  Probably won’t bring too much, but it sure is cute.

Brass Deer

Since I sold my brass pigs, I have kept an eye out for other brass.  These deer seem perfect for Christmas time décor.

Brass Bells

Along with those deer, I found these brass bells.  I love the sound of brass bells.  I think I will sell these as a set, but haven’t decided.  Do you think they will sell better together or separately?

Yellow Enamel Pot

I like enamel items.  I sold a yellow enamel pot some time ago, so when I saw this one in such great condition I had to snatch it up.

Telephone Tester

Finally for today is this blue telephone tester.  My Mom thought it was cool.  I guess my Dad had one.  Living out in a rural area, he was the one that would test if neighbors telephone lines were working or not.  They were party lines back then.  Pretty cool fact about my Dad.

Did you find anything fun this weekend?

Thrifty Finds – August 28

Bingo and Cage

I mentioned this past weekend that I was able to go to garage sales.  Here are a few finds.  Love this bingo set.  I see boxed Bingo sets from time to time, but rarely one that has the cage. So cool.


I love finding train cases.  Such history come with them.  This brown train case even has a key.

Clown Planter

Along with the lady head planters I found this clown face planter.  I don’t think they are very valuable, and I normally don’t like clowns. This one makes me smile.

Box Fan

I remember when I was young we had a box fan.  Yep, they were dangerous, but they sure were fun to sit in front of and hum or make sounds.  Loved hearing it echo back to me.

Flower Place Card Holders

I saw these flower place card holders for $.25.  They could add a little color to a table.

Magazine Rack

I continue to pick up gold magazine racks.  This magazine rack looks to be from the 1950s, but I am not sure.  Still have research to do.

Squeaky Toy dog

What is it with squeaky toys.  I am not sure why I like them.  But this dog was just $.25, so picked him up too.

Swedish Dish Cloth

Finally I bought these 8 Swedish Dish Cloths that are brand new.  Wondering if you have ever tried them. They state they are super absorbent.  Wondering if that is true?

Sunday Auction Sale Booty

Estate Auction Sale Booty

I just had to show you the photo of my booty from an estate auction sale I attended this past Sunday.  It apparently was the 7th auction sale that this person held this year.  I have been unable to attend any of the others.  However, this one was the final one and they just wanted it all gone.  There was so much stuff there that it should have taken 7 to 8 hours to sell it all.  It ended up being 4.5 hours.  It was fast paced and crazy.

Much of the stuff was sold by putting 4 or 5 boxes on a table and selling them for choice or for all.  So if I wanted one thing I got several boxes.  It is going to take me hours to go through to find what I want to keep and what I want to just donate.

It actually was a ton of fun.  The worst part was that it was just under 100 degrees outside, so when I was done, my face was beet red from the heat.  I think I drank over one gallon of water.

Me - Tired, hot and red faced

Me – tired, hot and red-faced

There were things I didn’t buy but wanted, like two picnic baskets that went for $2.50, but it came with about 6 boxes and an old table.  I knew I wouldn’t have any room to lug a large table.

I am so thankful it wasn’t too far from my house because my dear husband and boys came to help me haul it all away.  Not one complaint. I think I owe them big time, don’t I?

So am I crazy?  Have you ever done something like this?

Rush of Remembering – Weather House

Weather House Toggili

One item I found recently is this Toggili West German Weather House.  I was immediately transported back to my maternal Grandmother’s house.  She had something very similar in her bookcase in the living room.  It is supposed to demonstrate wet or dry weather depending on which person is outside of the house. I don’t know if it still works, but I didn’t care.  I spent many hours at my Grandmother’s house.  When my parents would go to town to do errands, many times they would drop us off at our Grandma’s for her to watch us.

This totally brought a smile to my face and made me feel 10 years old again.

What has taken you back to your childhood lately?


Lady Head Planters

Lady Head Planter

I finally had a chance to hit some garage sales. Today, I am going again with my Mom.  Woo-hoo.  On Friday, I hit 23 sales and found a few treasures.  I hope to show you some of them next week, but first I was most excited about this lady head planter or vase.  I haven’t researched it to see if they have a specific name or not, but I have seen them on the internet before.  I think it is adorable.  It think they are from the 1950s or 1960s.

I was excited to find lady above, but also…

Lady Head Vase a

this lady as well. Yep, my first two in one day. They have such delicate features.  They are simply lovely.  I will be selling them, but they will sit out until I get them listed.  That way I get to enjoy them.

Do you ever see these lovely ladies while thrifting?

That Doesn’t Happen Often

Tulip Doorstop a

Life continues to just plug along speed by at a rapid rate.  School has started again.  I have a Senior and a Freshman this year.  Hard to believe that both my boys are in high school.  My freshman started working on classes at the end of July, but my Senior started this Tuesday.

I continue to work my vintage resale business as much as I can.  This Sunday I saw there was an estate sale in town.  Those don’t happen too often. Many times people call a garage sale an estate sale, but true, sell everything because a family member passed away, sale doesn’t happen too often.  I decided to enjoy my Sunday afternoon by going to the sale.  I saw three cast iron tulip bouquets for sale for $2 each.  I wasn’t sure about them, so I left them.

When I got home I did research and found they were doorstops, but some people use them as bookends.  There were a couple of individual ones for sale on Etsy.  So on Monday, when my son and I were doing errands to get him ready for the two classes he is taking at the high school, we drove nearby the same sale. We stopped, and I bought two of them for a set.

I listed the set in my Etsy shop late on Wednesday afternoon and by midnight they were sold.  Now THAT doesn’t happen very often, but I love it when it does.

Thrifty Finds – August 1

Red Metal Ironing Board a

I have not had much time to go to auction sales or garage sales at all this summer.  Once in a while on my way to something I will find a few minutes to stop at a garage sale, I have found an item or two.  I guess it is good that I am not finding much because I am having a hard time keeping up listing my items.  I actually have hired my son to start my listings for me.  That way I can take the photos, edit them, and finish the listing in between everything else that is going on.  He only works an hour here or a half hour there, but I wouldn’t have many listings up if it weren’t for his help. My sales were good in July with 34 total sales.  It always makes me happy when I have at least as many sales as the days of the month.

My most recent find was this child’s red, metal ironing board.  I think it is adorable as it is.  However, I think it would be fun to use it in a display in a home, because it is small.

Red Pyrex Friendship a

Sticking with red, I found this Friendship Pyrex Divided Casserole Dish.  Pyrex brings in a lot of traffic to my Etsy shop. It doesn’t sell quickly or for a lot of money.  However I like to keep Pyrex in my shop to keep driving traffic there.

Enesco Rocking Horse Toyland a

Another red item is this Enesco Rocking Horse that plays Toyland.  I love the look of this little guy.  He isn’t worth much, but he is so darn cute.

Verichron Diamond clock set

This diamond clock set was at an estate sale that I was able to stop by well after it started. There wasn’t much left, but if someone wants a late 70s look, this would work well.

Artwork Metal Magazine File Cabinet a

Finally this piece I picked up at an auction sale late in the season last year. The drawers of this cabinet are large, more the size for magazines. I was hoping to figure out how to sell large, heavy items. I have been frustrated in my attempts to figure out how to estimate what it will cost to ship.  I don’t want to get burned on shipping costs, so I decided to list this on our local sale site in hopes that someone wants it.

So there are a few new items, however, I am totally having auction sale withdrawals.  This weekend I work all three days at my son’s last swim meet for the summer season.  We have started homeschooling this week, so that is now taking up a lot of time. I am hopefully to hit one or two auctions this month yet.  You can be sure I will show you my goodies when I find them.

Are you finding any great treasures?


Vintage Rectangle and Round Trays

Rose Gold Tray

Vintage trays…they are one item I see often, but most of the time they are in bad shape.  Since I was in Minneapolis this past week for Swimming Sectionals for my son, I decided to show you a few that I had already purchased. The rectangle ones I purchased at garage sales, but the round ones were found in boxes I won at auction.

The first few are rectangle in shape.  I always wonder what these trays were used for?  This gold-edged rose tray is in beautiful shape.  To me it is for decorative purposes, but I don’t think trays were used that way years ago.

Rose Tray

This rose one is just as pretty.  It feels like it is from the 1960s.

Pinecone Trays

Then there are the set of trays.  I think back in the day all meals were eaten at the table, never in the living room, so when would these trays have been used?

Blue Anchor Trays

Here is another set of nautical trays.  Excellent shape.  I guess maybe none of these were ever used.

Iolani place tray

Now these rounds trays are more collectible or decorative in nature.  This one is Iolani Place.

Rocking Horse Tray

This rocking horse looks like it would work for Christmas, but really isn’t a holiday tray.  This is my least favorite one.  Just not into rocking horses.

Worlds Fair 1968 Tray

Then there are these collectible trays.  This wood one is from San Antonia World’s Fair in 1968.

Worlds Fair 1974 Tray

Or this one from Spokane, Washington World’s Fair of 1974.

These trays got me thinking.  I attended one World’s Fair in Vancouver, Canada in 1986 right after I graduated from high school.  But how often were they held?  I thought ever four years like the Olympics.  My research shows that they were held sporadically.  Sometimes two in one year and some times several years missed.  The first one held in the United States was in New York in 1829 and the last one was in New Orleans in 1984.  There are none planned for the USA in the future.  The next one being held will be in Milan, Italy in 2015.  So there is your trivia for the day.

Do you see and purchase trays? Do they get you remembering?