I Do Not Drink Coke

Coca Cola Stain Glass Tulip Glass a

Today I was listing some glasses that were in a box I recently purchased at an auction.  This set of Coca Cola Stain Glass with Red Tulip are so pretty.  It got me thinking….when was the last time I drank a Coke?

I told you back in 2011 that I was a die-hard Coke fan.  I used to drink a regular Coca Cola or a Diet Coke with Lime almost every afternoon.

I dramatically reduced my Coke intact in late 2012 and early 2013 as I mentioned in this post.  It is amazing that I no longer eat any of those snacks in that photo.  I still would love to eat the Nature Valley Sweet and Sour Almond Nut Bar, but haven’t had one since late August.  Not sure how it would taste if I did eat one.  All of them are loaded with sugar. After a lot of research, I realize how bad sugar is for me.

Coca Cola  Pine Glasses d

I also listed these White Evergreen Pine Coca Cola glasses today.

Then I reduced my sugar intake in February of this year.  Do I still eat sugar?  Yes, but not nearly as often.  My sugar mostly comes from the fruit I eat, but I will sometimes eat it when I am outside my home.  I rarely eat it when I am home.  That is a good thing. I still love sweet things, but it is amazing how things are tasting sweeter and sweeter to me.

So when was the last time I had a Coke?  I have had only a handful of Coca Cola’s this year, with my last one that I shared with my Mom at an auction sale in Jun or July.  The funny thing is it didn’t taste right at all.  I would say that I have broke my Coca Cola habit.  I am not a fool, and therefore, I know that if I started to drink it again for a few days, the habit would probably come back quickly.

Part of my process in breaking the habit was making sure I was drinking plenty of water a day, drinking green tea, and finding a healthy substitute if I really need something besides water.  My current favorite is a tall glass of water with about a tablespoon of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a drop or two of Stevia. Something about the bite of the ACV cures my craving for a soda pop.

Now that I have broken my habit, I tell myself, “I don’t drink Coke.”  For some reason saying that instead of “I can’t drink a Coke” gives me the control and the power not to feel sorry for myself. It is my choice, and a choice that I know is so good for my health.

How about you have you given up a food or habit that is bad for you?  Do tell.

Auction Sale in Winter

Pyrex Cinderella Bowls HorizonsThis past weekend I went to Dickinson to see Big M’s Mom as well as my Mom.  In this area there aren’t that many auctions in the winter because of the weather.  When I saw an auction going on that day, my Mom and I decided to go to the auction and visit there.  Perfect….I could spend time with my Mom and maybe get an item or two.

I was thrilled to get this complete set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls in the Horizons pattern.   It isn’t a pattern I see often.

Shoe Shine KitI like old wood items. This shoe shine box has such character.

Olive Stetson HatI picked up this olive colored Resistol cowboy hat with Stetson hatbox. I love Stetson hats. They are well made.  Not sure about the color, but I guess my son liked it.


Z came home from high school swim practice and tried it on.  Guess swim practice was really hard.

Now I just need to find time to get photos taken and items listed in my shop.

Thrifty Finds – Nov 18

Asian Kiss Me Bobbleheads a

Recently I found a couple of pairs of Kiss Me Bobbleheads.  These Asian ones are adorable.

Dutch Kissing Bobbleheads b

So are these bobble heads, but I am not sure if they are German, Austrian, or even Dutch.  Any ideas? The girl reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood.

Gold Magazine Rack a

Added another magazine rack.  This one is a little smaller.  Could easily be used on a desk in an office for files.

Honey Bear Juice Glass a

These Honey Bear juice glasses were in an ‘all to go’ box.  I think they are so cute.  I wish I knew who the manufacture was.

Thermo Serve Gold Cups b

These Thermo Serv cups remind me of weddings I attended when I was young.  The hall that all the events were held in used thermo serv cups for their coffee cups.  Not exactly like this, but these are a definite 60s throw back.

Rose Pillowcases a

Found some more vintage pillowcases.  Sometimes I think I should change out my bedding so I could use these beauties. However, a dear friend of mine quilted my beautiful bed cover.  I love it.  No way that treasure is going anywhere.

Jesus Face a

I wish I could figure out how to photograph this Jesus Head of Christ print.  It is a 3D, raised image.  Don’t know what it is called.  It is old – 1935.

White Beaded Purse a

Finally I got this at an auction sale.  Was told it was the wedding purse of retired lady.  Not sure how old it is. However, but what I learned of the lady, I think it is from the 1960s.  It is a handmade, beaded and sequins purse.  It is so pretty.  Almost wish I had somewhere to go to use it.

I continue to work on my Etsy Shop as time permits.  Are you finding any great treasures?

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Threshold – Looking Out or In

Threshold Sept 23 a

I started my photography class last week.  Today was Threshold.  At first I thought….why?  What is interesting about the threshold?  But I started taking photos and in the end I really liked this one.  Yes, it is dark inside with the sun shining outside, but it makes me think of dreams and the future.  It is a picture I am willing to show to the world.  Not like this photo…

Threshold Sept 23 b

looking in to my house.  I really wasn’t going to show it, but I like the composition of it from down low.

Yes, the first thing you see when you come to my home is the piles of stuff I am working through for my business.  It actually is quite organized, but it still is “stuff”. However, it is the best place for me to have it readily available but out-of-the-way of my family.  We never come in this door, we always come through the garage.

So, I was embarrassed at first to show this photo.  But then I thought about it.  The reality is I am a junker.  I search for vintage items to buy at a reasonable price to resell to someone who needs it or at least appreciates it.  I have been doing this for 2.5 years.  It is a part of my life, and that lifestyle brings it with, well, junk.  It has to be somewhere while working on it. My family is ok with it, so why aren’t I. If you come to my home that is what you will see.  My treasures waiting for me to list, or clean or sort.  Hopefully you come to see me, not my “junk”, unless of course you want to buy it all.

Besides I can look at it like a metaphor.  We can look outside of our threshold of our lives and see sunshine and green, all things roses.  Everyone else seems to have it all together. But we must look inside at the dirt and dust and work on cleaning it up.  If we don’t look at it, it just grows. Today I choose to look at it, work on it, tackle it. To acknowledge the real me. I choose to grow, not my faults and messes.

Wow, it must be Monday after a great weekend of cleaning and organizing.  I am way to philosophical even for me.


Busy Summer Work


I haven’t had much time to blog lately.  First, I got a virus that took my computer away from me for two days. On Thursday evening we had 14 tons of crushed rock dropped off in our driveway.  Yep, 14 tons of rock for us to move.  We have been working hard with wheelbarrow and buckets to move it into our yard. The difficult part is that my oldest son has been gone most of the time…he is on his free week-long trip to D.C. We are guessing we have about 4 tons left to move, but we have to finish digging out the grass in a new flower bed.  I am definitely sore and black and blue.

Pickin Goods

The other thing that I have been doing is going through the goods from my first ever pick.  My aunt called last week to see if I wanted to go through some old things before they threw the stuff out.  Uhmmm, YES.  We headed 1.5 hours away to go through the stuff and pack it up. This week I have been slowing going through the items.  The items are very dirty, so it is a time-consuming process. I have found a couple of gems.

Megaphone a

This 1950 megaphone is so cool.  I was surprised how much it amplified my voice.  Nope, not going to let my kids play with it.  It is getting listed soon.

Toss across a

This 1969 Toss Across Game with the bean bags.  I am amazed how hard the panels are to flip.  They can only be flipped twice in one direction and then they have to go back the other way.  The one I remember playing with my boys was so easy to flip.  Most of the time they would spin and then stop.

Ok, my lunch break is over.  Back to work. Looking forward to finding more treasures and getting those rocks hauled.

Up and Down Days


You know I love my It’s Still Life business.  Most days I really enjoy all of it.  I totally enjoy the shopping, like the customer contact, actually like the packing and shipping, and if I have the right light, I do like taking the photos.  However there are days that my piles of treasures become piles of crap.  Last Friday I had three not so great issues with customers.  I have also been so busy with activities this summer.  So lately I have been feeling like the ecard above. I find I just need to keep working through it, and the love comes back, but in the meantime I want to just junk everything.

Do you ever feel like this?

Giveaway – Flea Market Style Magazine

In celebration of summer, my blog hitting my one year anniversary (225 posts and counting), and my Etsy Shop growing daily, I decided to try a Giveaway.

I am giving away this magazine, Flea Market Style.  It has 432 Decorating Ideas for Junkers, Antiquers, & vintage Lovers.  My favorite articles start on page 48, “Wheel Deal, 9 DIY projects that reuse rusty, crusty old wheels”, and on page 82, “Parts & Recreation, Wobbly, worn-out chairs provide the raw materials for 12 stunning home decor projects.”

All you have to do is leave your name, city and state in the comments.  My son, JV, will draw a name on Thursday, July 5.  I will post the winner on my blog.  If you want me to contact you via email, make sure you have included your email address as well.  I will mail it out to you when I get your address.

If you live outside of the United States, you can enter, but you will have to pay for shipping costs.  Sorry.

Thank you to all my loyal readers.