Goodreads is Great

Are you a reader?  I am.  I really enjoy reading a good book. Although I don’t read as much in the summer as I do the rest of the year.  Here in the northern part of the USA, one really has to take advantage of any sunlight we get.  Days are already getting shorter–aren’t they sis? 

Anyway I like to read biographies or memoirs, christian fiction and non-fiction, chick-lit, inspirational books, classics, scrapbooking or crafting books, and the list goes on.  Up until about 2.5 years ago, I had no easy way to keep track of what I had read.  Then I found Goodreads.

One of my favorite reads in 2011.

It is a website that is a tracking site as well as a social forum.  I can keep track of books I have read, those I am reading, and those I want to read in one, easily accessible, place.  On top of that I can follow or be friends with other people and authors to see what they are reading and enjoying.  This is an important part of the site.  Now when someone, who has similar reading tastes as I do, rates a book at a 4 or a 5, I know it probably is a book I want to read. 

My sister and I use this site all the time.  Now I know what she is reading and enjoying.  We chat about the books we are reading whenever we get together.  It brings out the enjoyment of the books even more.  My other sister is on Goodreads too, but she doesn’t read as much nor update your site very often.

Current read. Heard her speak a month ago and wanted to read her story.

If you want to check out my site on Goodreads I am stamphappy2001.  Click here. What are you waiting for, start your own Goodreads site today.

Do You Pinterest?

Do you Pinterest?  What is that, you ask?  Do you pin?  Pinterest is my favorite way to visually keep inspiring ideas that I find on the web.  The web is loaded with inspiration.  It can be hard to keep track of ideas.  I used to keep the website in my favorites, but my favorites got out of control.  I would forget what it was I wanted to remember from a particular blog or website.  This is where Pinterest comes in.

Now when I see something I want to remember, I can pin the picture using a bookmarklet I have installed on my toolbar.  Simple and easy.  Now I can find my ideas easily.

The other benefit of Pinterest is that you can follow other pinners.  You can follow all or some of their boards enabling you to see other interesting things out in blogland or the web. 

Check out my Pinterest by clicking here.  Don’t forget to follow any boards you might like.

Here are a few of my recent pins.  Be sure to click on the photos to find the links to the pins and then the original posts.

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If you are already pinning you might want to join the Pinterest Master List Party at The Scrap Shop Blog.  They have created an ongoing list of crafty pinners.  You can add your pinterest or you can click on others for crafty inspiration.  I am on their list.

If you aren’t pinning, what are you waiting for.  If you need an invite, let me know.  I will be happy to send you an invite. You will be happy to have a place to keep all the blog inspiration you come across.  But fair warning, it can be a time drain.  A timer might be a great idea to set before you start or you will find yourself several hours into looking through other pins.

Check out The Daily Digi’s post – Pinterest 101: A Tutorial

Check out Francine Clouden’s posts on Callaloo Soup on Pinterest for additional information.

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Happy pinning.