Nike Vest – $1.59

What do you do when you have about 30 minutes before you need to pick up your son, and it is in the 90s with high humidity?  You go thrift shopping.

Yep, this week I had 30 minutes to waste, so I stopped at Dakota Boys and Girls Thrift Store.  They have air conditioning.  Normally I will sit in the car and read a good book or walk around the parking lot to get my 10,000 steps in.  But I just couldn’t do it today.

So after looking through the household goods, I still had 10 minutes left, so I decided to check out the shirts.  As I was looking through the rack, an employee basically elbowed in to put a couple of shirts in the rack right where I was looking.  I was a little annoyed until I saw this.

A Nike Vest.  A light tan vest, just my size and looking new.  I checked out the tag…$5.99, but it was pink and pink was 75% off today.  So I checked the zipper to make sure it worked and happily took it home for $1.59.  This heat will end, and soon I will be wearing long sleeve t-shirts with this little piece over it.

I so enjoy having a little extra time and just a little bit of luck.

Any good clothing finds lately?

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Thrifty Finds – Dec 4

It was too busy of a week to do much thrifting this week.  My MIL had carotid artery surgery on Monday and is spending  her time recovering at our house.  However, I made it to one thrift store and found these three items.

This little owl planter is adorable.  I don’t know anything about it, but owls are still in and this one is so cute, it makes me smile.  It has been used and loved, but it still is in great shape.

I really fell for the color of this Fire King Splashless Bowl.  The brown fading into the light green is so pretty.

Finally an instant collection of Salty and Peppy Salt and Pepper shakers.  They are definitely in vintage condition, but doesn’t that just add to their look?

I really think “thrifting” will be limited for a few weeks.  Are you finding your time limited to go “pickin” with the holiday season upon us?  Any tips how to keep this in your schedule?

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Would You Buy It Thursday – Dec 1

I do not think that Junker Newbie is still doing her Would You Buy It Wednesday Parties.  I know my blogging is suffering with all the holidays activities underway. However, I still come across items that I wonder if others would buy.  So even though there is no link party and it isn’t Wednesday….here goes.

Would you buy the “lady snowman” above?  Something about it made me pick it up.  It is heavy.  It actually is a wooden bowling pin.  I think when this little lady was made it probably was adorable, but it has seen its better days. 

This is actually how the hat was in the thrift store.  Yikes.  So why did I buy it?  I love the look of bowling pins.  I want to be able to sand it down to its natural state to use as a display piece.

Here is what it looks like after all of its adornment was removed.  Much better.  But I can’t wait to sand it to see what it will look like.  The only problem is that I have no place to do that now that it is so cold out.  I don’t have a heated garage, and it is in the 20s in there.  I promise I will post a picture of what it looks like after the paint is removed, but you might have to wait until spring thaw.

So have you ever bought a bowling pin?

One of a Kind Stand

I had so much fun creating my Turquoise Plant stand that I decided to make another one. If you missed that post, click on the link to see it. 

I used these pieces I found at thrift stores over the course of the summer.  I sanded the plate down really well so that the paint was flat/almost gone.  I also lightly sanded the candlesticks.

I then glued them together.  Then I primed and painted it.  I decided on black since black is still popular around my area.  I was considering distressing it, but my husband convinced me to leave it at it is.

I think it turned out great.  It could hold my jade in a gray pot.

Here is a close up of the top.

It is satin black.  I did spray a coat of poly over it as well to protect it.  I am going to try to sell it at my garage for $22.  What do you think?

Have you ever tried to create a new piece out of candlesticks?

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Vintage Toy Find

I was able to stop at a Thrift Store on Tuesday and found a couple of fun vintage toys.

This Ronald McDonald play set was too cute to pass up.  No it doesn’t have any people, but I still thought it would be a fun toy to play with.

I had one of these when I was little.  I love the colorful musical slats.  I was happy to see it had the drumstick with it.  It works wonderfully well.

I was so excited I got them both listed in my shop.

Starting today is our annual city-wide garage sale weekend.  I will definitely find time to hit several so hoping to find some wonderful treasures to share.

Today’s Toy Register Find

Just check out this cute metal toy cash register I found today.  My husband had to drive to Fargo, ND which is 3 hours away for an hour and half meeting and then return.  So my kids and I got our school going.  Then I left them to work on math and history, and I went along for the ride.  Couldn’t let him drive all that way by himself. Besides I heard Fargo has some great thrift stores. 

I hit 5 stores in about 1.5 hours.  I found a couple of things, but I think this guy is so awesome.  I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but I figured the keys could be used for some craft or redo if it didn’t.  So I snatched it off the shelf.  Check out the keys.

It does work.  Woo-hoo.  This alone was worth the trip, and I was able to spend 6 hours chatting with my husband.  It was a great day.

Repurposed Wood Candlesticks and Plate

Here is my one of a kind plant stand.  One of my favorite items to find in a thrift store are wood candlesticks, bowls and plates.  I find that the wood ones are really easy to paint.

I found these candlesticks along with a wooden plate (no before picture of the plate) at thrift stores this winter.  So this spring I put them together to create a funky, distressed plant stand.  First I sanded the candlesticks down just a little bit.  Then I glued them together with E6000 glue.  Yes, I had to be patient and leave them overnight to let the glue set well.

Then I primed and spray painted the stand.

Just a little too flat, don’t you think?  So I added some Valspar Antique Glazing


I got mine at Lowe’s.  I have only used this glaze so I can’t speak for other glazes; however when I discovered glazing last fall is when I fell in love with spray painting.  Before, I always felt like anything spray painted looked so flat, so dead.  It looked, well, hand done.  Then I read about glazing on several blogs, and I had to try it.

With glaze, you just rub on a generous amount and rub off as much as you would like.  This project was completed right before I started my blog, so I didn’t take many photos.  But the one above shows just a light glaze that I had left on.  I hadn’t rubbed any into the cracks and crevices yet.  But at least you get the idea. Glazing just messes up the flatness a bit or a lot depending on how much you want to leave. 

Once the glazing was done, I then took sand paper and distressed it all over so it looked more loved and used.  This picture of the top might give you an idea of what I did with the distressing.  As always click on the photo if you want to enlarge it.

I really like this stand.  I would use it for a plant stand or maybe hold a large candle.  I have consigned this item, so I can’t take more photos to show you it a better.  But you get the idea.  A new piece of furniture out of old, outdated, found, candlesticks and plates.  No wonder I am addicted to thrifting when I can make something awesome out of pieces.

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Turquoise Holder

When I saw this wooden holder in a thrift store, I knew it still had life in it, so I brought it home.

It is about 6 inches high.  I sanded it to smooth out the rough edges and primed it.  Then I took craft turquoise paint and gave it several coats.  I glazed it as well.  Here it is.

It wasn’t quite what I wanted so I lightly sanded it all over and then distressed the edges.  Now I really like it.

I decided to use my Cricut to add some words so when it is standing empty, there is a fun reminder.

It can be a recipe holder or a fun way to display a photo.

I have listed this for sale. I really enjoy painting wood and have several projects just waiting for me to complete.  Will share as I get them done.


Thrifty Spring Decor

I realized today that the 4th of July is around the corner.  It is hard to believe with the weather we are having here that summer is already flying by.

Before I decorate for the 4th, I wanted to show you my spring corner.

The only thing that was new is the little bird on the bottom left hand corner and the eggs.  I purchased the bird and the eggs at Real Deals for less than $5.  I really enjoy that store.  They are only open 2 days per week, and their selection moves fast.

I got the checkered vase and flowers for $1 at a garage sale intending to repaint it, but it worked so well with this display, I left it.

The sign is a printable from this blog, Just Another Hang Up.  She does a monthly Plaque Attack where I download her subway art for free to print for my private use.   I printed it on a soft yellow scrapbook paper and glued it to a wood plaque that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I painted it an apple green. 

The pot I purchased at a thrift store for $1.50.  It was marked on the bottom $49.99 from Kohls.  It was a nice pot, but I wanted something bright and cheerful.  So I painted it apple green as well.  Check out the before and after.

The scallop wooden bowl with the eggs was purchased at a thrift store as well. I probably will paint it someday, but I wanted a wood look to the display.

The little yellow bowl is wood that I purchased at a thrift store.  I think they were 6 for $1.

 The green candle was a gold candle.  It was on sale for half off at a thrift store after Christmas.  I bought them for $1.  Looking forward to using the others in my future home decor.

Now that you know what I did to create my spring display, Here it is again.  A fun cheerful corner.

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New Life to Bowls

The other day I showed my area above my kitchen cabinets.

I am loving yellow and grey together so I wanted to add those colors.  So I took this gold bowl. 

It is way too bright for my taste, but I found it at a thrift store for a great price.  I loved the shape.  I painted it a strawflower yellow from Rustoleum and then glazed it.  It is a beautiful yellow.

I took one of these wooden bowls and painted it grey.  Here are the bowls.

Here is the bowl grey.

Together they are so pretty. 

Spray paint makes it so easy to change the look of a piece.  Now if the weather would just cooperate so I can paint some more items…spring in North Dakota.