30 Days of Thankful – Week 4

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Week 4 of November has come and gone.  I have been so busy, I hadn’t had a chance to show a few of my last entries of gratitude.

Day 23 2013 copy

Day 26 2013 copy

Day 28 2013 copy

Day 29 2013 copy

Day 30 2013 copy

Just a side note.  I wrote this one on Saturday when I was feeling grateful to the sports my boys participate in.  This week has been tough with two-a-day practices, extremely cold weather and snow storms, along with some big school deadlines.  Not feeling so grateful for the crazy schedule of the sports right now.  But can’t wait till the games and meets begin next week.

I can’t believe the month is over.  I just realized I missed one day.  I plan to finish that day.  It should be easy.  I haven’t decided what I am going to do to finish it so I can view it easily.  I could just print them out and put them in a little box to be able to flip through. I would do a digital album, or I might put them in a 4×6 one-up album to easily flip through.

Cathy Zielske has her post up regarding how she finished her album.  I love that she did a final page.  I think I might have to do that too.

Did you do a 30 Days of Gratitude album?  I would love to see a link of how you finished it.

Week 3, Week 2, and Week 1

30 Days of Thankful – Week 3

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Week 3 already of November is over.  I am really enjoying finding one small, or large thing to be thankful for every day.

Day 16 2013 copy

Day 17 2013 copy

Day 18 2013 copy

I have to point out that there is dust on the DVR.  I was going to clean it before I took the photo, but then I thought, “Dust, hmm, I should clean it, but this is real life.”  So I didn’t clean it.  I do not like to dust, so if you come over you will see dust on things on my house.  This is real life.

Day 19 2013 copy

Day 20 2013 copy blog

I crossed off the address and company #.  Just didn’t seem like a good thing to leave on there for the blog land to see.

Only a week left of this wonderful month of gratitude.  I am trying to decide if I should keep doing this on a random basis…whenever I think of something to be grateful for, I create a new page.  Not sure I will do it, but it would be fun.  Since I am only doing a 4×6 layout, it is so simple to snap a photo and write a couple of lines.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Week 2 and Week 1

Linking to Cathy Zielske’s 30 Days of Thankful

30 Days of Thankful

Day 10 2013 copy

It is halfway through November, and I am still working on my 30 Days of Thankful album.  If you want to know more check out my first post on my 30 Days album.

I am up-to-date with my pages, so I thought I would should you a couple of them, as well as link up to Cathy Zielske’s post today.  It is fun to see what others are doing, and what they are thankful for.

Day 12 2013 copy

Day 14 2013 copy

Day 15 2013 copy

Looks like I have been focusing more on things than people these last few pages. I usually go with whatever crosses my mind when I sit down to do my layout for the day.  Guess I need to get some photos of people to include for the remainder of the month.

Stop and take a moment to think about what you are grateful for today.


30 Days of Thankful

Grateful copy

I decided to participate in 30 Days of Thankful that Cathy Zielske is leading on her blog. She has provided a video tutorial series to help us participate. She has templates that you can purchase and use.  She showed a couple of her finished pages. on Friday on her blog.


I thought I would share a couple of my pages.  I decided to use the 6×4 template.  It makes it so easy to upload a photo, and then write a snippet of what I am thankful for.  So far I have 9 pages done.  I am loving it.

Day 4 2013 copy

I plan to have the 30 pages of thankfulness printed in a small book from an online printer.  Still haven’t found which site I will use. If you have ever printed a small 6×4 digital book, let me know what service you used.