Thrifty Finds – Nov 2

I haven’t done a thrifty finds post in a while.  Thought I would show you a few finds.

This beauty is a Marwal Chalkware Polynesian beauty.  I listed is on Wednesday, and she sold on Thursday to a wonderful customer in Australia.  She really is a beauty.

I like train cases. Or do you call them a makeup case, overnight case or even a travel case?  Anyway I like them, and this one has character.

I really like the gold design of this Pyrex large mixing bowl.  I still haven’t researched the name of the pattern yet.  I normally don’t like gold, but this one is pretty.

I was thrilled to find this Spaulding Indian Club in a box of wood I won at an auction.  I think it would be a great piece for rustic decor.

Isn’t this Holiday thermos fun?  It isn’t as large as most thermos bottles, but what I like is that color.  It also has “holiday” on it.  I have it listed, but you can be sure it will be part of my Christmas decor if it doesn’t sell.

Since I mentioned the holidays, I had to show you this Mrs. Santa apron.  I think it is adorable; any one playing Mrs. Claus would love it.  It is quilted on the bottom.  Some day I will try quilt again.  I pieced one wall hanging together when I was pregnant with my youngest who is now 13.  That was as far as I got. Just not enough time.

Finally had to show you this large basket.  It is galvanized steel., and it is rusted.  What I love is the rope handles.  I can see it as a display piece tipped on its side. Maybe a blanket coming out of it and then fall flowers and pumpkins.  If nothing else it will make a great flower-pot since it has pin holes in the bottom.

With fall here, are you finding any good thrifted items?

Thrifty Finds – Oct 7

I do not think I have shown you the newest member of the family, Lena.  I found her for $15 at a garage sale a few weeks ago. One of her three legs falls out, but that is ok. I am keeping her.  I was so thrilled to find her.  I knew I would find plenty of use for her.

Here Lena is wearing a recent find, a beautiful blue, gingham apron.

Or this full blue and red striped full apron.

Lena also knows that Christmas is coming, so she modeled a Christmas apron.  Love that this apron has jingle bells stitched to the pockets and bells.  Too bad Lena doesn’t have a head, so she could also model more hats that I found. Actually it is too bad she can’t cook.

I totally fell for this hat.  It is a peach bridesmaid hat.  I can just see the 60’s wedding with the peach bridesmaid dresses.  Just so you know, I got married in 1990 and peach was an in color then, too.  So my bridesmaids did wear peach dresses as well.  But hats weren’t in, so no hats.  I am guessing peach is coming back again soon.

Now this hat, I am just not sure about.  The wrap hat reminds me of a towel on my head after I wash my hair, yet, there is something about it.  I think it would be great for a Halloween costume of a 1950’s housewife.

This puff hat reminds me of a wedding cake.  Maybe it was a bridesmaid hat too.  What do you think?

This one I do not think was for a wedding.  It looks more like a Sunday morning church hat.

Since I am thinking church, I am thinking this was an Easter hat.

Since this is black, it would not have been worn for Easter.  I love the little faux fur wrapped around the hat.  I am wearing more and more hats, but I still have not been able to get myself to wear a hat with a net in front of the face.  I can’t remember why women did that. Was it just fashion or were they trying to hide their face?  Glad our current hats don’t have netting.

Since Christmas is coming, that means it will be getting cold.  This faux fur hat would  sure keep me warm.  I have listed this hat, and the rest above, but I am thinking of pulling this one.  It really does get cold here.  I like how this one looks on me.  So if you see me in this hat, say hello.

If you have a store, do you list things. Then do you change your mind and keep it for yourself?

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