Thrifty Finds – July 19

Working really hard on doing inventory all my latest purchases.  However today I took a break at 5pm because there was a garage sale not far from me.  I live at least 5 miles to the most northern part of town, nothing is ever close for me.  This one was just a mile from me in rural Bismarck.  Glad I did.

Yes I found another suitcase.  If you follow my blog you know I love old suitcases.  Thanks to my friend, Kristi, from Traveling Trunk.  This one is amazing.  It is Samsonite Style 4637.  But look inside.

It is so clean it has the doors to hold the items in each side, plus 4 hangars.  This one is so cool.

Found this awesome creeper stool. Not sure if that is what it really is called or not, but just fell for this little guy.  I think it is the wheels on any creeper that always get me.

Very inexpensive box of old wood hangars.  There are some really old ones in there.

And a box of flatware.  The price was right so I thought I might have fun looking for silver, bakelite and other old, interesting pieces.  If I do not find anything I will donate it all to the local thrift store.

I don’t think I have shown you this lovely Chip Bowl.  Love the design.  It is Espanol from Anchor Hocking.

Recently picked up these.  The auctioneer said their were Industrial bread pans.  But I am not sure.  They would make lovely shelves on the wall or a great storage piece in a craft room.

It easily hit a hundred degrees here today.  I am sure it was hot where you are too.  Don’t forget to keep drinking lots of water.

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