Confirmation Photo


Last month I mentioned that my oldest son, Z, was supposed to be Confirmed into the Catholic Church.  Unfortunately it was cancelled due to a winter storm.  However, it was rescheduled for this past Sunday.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  Big M and I couldn’t have been more proud when Z stood up and strongly said, “I am ready.”  Bishop David Kagan had a beautiful homily during Mass.  Just a wonderful day. Thanks, Lynette for being his sponsor.


I don’t think I have shown a photo of my family in a long time.  Here we are in our Sunday best.  My boys are growing into such fine young men.  Yes, I am standing on a step below, but I am now the shortest at 5 foot 7.  They are all close to or over 6 foot.

I love ceremonies like this and was so grateful to those of our families who made it.  And completely understood about those who couldn’t because of illness, surgery, or distance.  We know you were there in your hearts and prayers.