Sewing Drawers

Sewing Drawers b

I really like the look of old sewing machine drawers.  They also have great functionality.  They can easily be used for display or for storing items.  They are perfect for storing ephemera or scrapbooking supplies.  I recently found 4 more drawers, so I listed them this weekend.

I had 6 other sewing drawers this summer that sold to two different people.  The first person, Ebony, bought two of them.  She has her own videography business called, French Lace Studio.  She purchased them for use in a display to hold her fliers at her first Bridal Expo.  How cool is that.

Sewing Drawers Ebony

Ebony was kind enough to send me photos of her booth.  Look at her lovely booth.  Notice the sewing drawers?  She painted them and distressed them.  They look simply lovely.  Ebony said that those sewing drawers will be used again at her friend’s country-style wedding next year.  Yes, these messages keep me hunting and searching for treasures.  I found some great pieces that Ebony took and made into something simply lovely.  Also, I “met” a kind and friendly person too.

If you have a minute you should check out her French Lace Studio website.  She has an amazing video there that just captivated me.  I want to get married again just to have her do my wedding videos.

Good luck to you, Ebony, in your new business venture.  I am glad you are putting a feminine touch to wedding videography.  The brides in Australia are lucky to have you.