Organizing My Treasures

I mentioned in a Would You Buy It Wednesday post in November that I was going to organize my purchases.  I am lucky enough to have an unfinished area in my basement that I can keep my treasures either before I can list them or use them.  However, the items were through all over. and I barely could walk in the room.  So for the last few weeks I have gone through and made sure I have everything in my inventory spreadsheet.  I try to track when, where and for how much I purchase an item.  Then I created a box number column.  I then put it in the box with the corresponding number.

I used Post It Label Roll tape for each box.  If you haven’t used this stuff it is awesome.

Photo from (Can be found at any office supply store.)

Yes, they are only cardboard boxes and tape, but now I have so much more room.  The boxes are stacked nicely.  I can go to my spreadsheet to find the box number and go directly to that box to find an item.  So far it has been working for me.  I will change it if it stops working for me.  My goal is to reduce the number of boxes here by 4 in the next month, so that means I need to list a lot more items.

How do you organize your vintage treasures when you aren’t using them or before you sell them?

Disclaimer:  I do not get any money for mentioning the above product.  I just use and love it.

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