Wake – Reconnecting with the World


I just started a photography class at Big Picture Classes called, Picture Everyday.   n the class, we will be taking photos of everyday things and happenings for a few weeks.  It has been 2 or 3 years since I have taken a photography class, so I decided to join this one.  Tracey Clark is the teacher.  I have taken classes from her before.  I always love her prompts.  I think you can still join if you are interested in improving your photography.

Today was Wake.  So I took a self-portrait of me at my computer.  I always wake and reconnect with the world.  See what is happening, news, Facebook, and check my Etsy Shop to see if I had any sales.  It is the way I start my day, right after a morning hug for Big M.  Then after Big M leaves for work, I do my prayer and devotion time.  Then I am ready to wake up JV at 7:00 to get school going.

So what do you do when you Wake?

Around the Blogosphere – Jan 9

Source: nathaliesnotes.typepad.com

 The other day I wrote a post, Give It All…about not being afraid, don’t hold anything back. Now check out this post by Nathalie Hardy titled, “Eyes On Your Own Paper, Y’all”.  Even though it is about scrapbooking and Project Life, it really does apply to anything in our life.  I can and should use inspiration I find about junking and upcycling.  I should look at photography on the web to help improve mine.  I should use scrapbook layouts on blogs to be inspired to create.  However, the moment I start to feel overwhelmed or get that “mine aren’t good enough” feeling, I need to put down the mouse and create.  I need to scrap a layout, shoot a photo or two, or paint that shelf sitting in my basement.  I need to create and keep my eyes on my own paper.  Enjoy the process and results.  Know I am growing and learning.  I need to be satisfied with my own work and be content.

Source: Allyou.com

Source: Allyou.com

If one of your New Year’s goals is to eat better you might want to check out this 100 Healthy Snack List that Six Sister’s Stuff posted recently.

A 15 Minutes Exercise to Help Your Photography in 2012 from Digital Photography Skills.  I hope to do this exercise this week.

Photo found at alderberryhill.blogspot.com

I came across a post by Sarah at Alderberry Hill titled Ideas to Make Life Easier.  Some tips I have heard of before and others are new, such as using a shower cap to keep dirt from your shoes off your clothes when you pack them.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Go check the ideas out.

What have you found inspiring on the blogosphere or Pinterest?