Thrifty Finds – August 1

Red Metal Ironing Board a

I have not had much time to go to auction sales or garage sales at all this summer.  Once in a while on my way to something I will find a few minutes to stop at a garage sale, I have found an item or two.  I guess it is good that I am not finding much because I am having a hard time keeping up listing my items.  I actually have hired my son to start my listings for me.  That way I can take the photos, edit them, and finish the listing in between everything else that is going on.  He only works an hour here or a half hour there, but I wouldn’t have many listings up if it weren’t for his help. My sales were good in July with 34 total sales.  It always makes me happy when I have at least as many sales as the days of the month.

My most recent find was this child’s red, metal ironing board.  I think it is adorable as it is.  However, I think it would be fun to use it in a display in a home, because it is small.

Red Pyrex Friendship a

Sticking with red, I found this Friendship Pyrex Divided Casserole Dish.  Pyrex brings in a lot of traffic to my Etsy shop. It doesn’t sell quickly or for a lot of money.  However I like to keep Pyrex in my shop to keep driving traffic there.

Enesco Rocking Horse Toyland a

Another red item is this Enesco Rocking Horse that plays Toyland.  I love the look of this little guy.  He isn’t worth much, but he is so darn cute.

Verichron Diamond clock set

This diamond clock set was at an estate sale that I was able to stop by well after it started. There wasn’t much left, but if someone wants a late 70s look, this would work well.

Artwork Metal Magazine File Cabinet a

Finally this piece I picked up at an auction sale late in the season last year. The drawers of this cabinet are large, more the size for magazines. I was hoping to figure out how to sell large, heavy items. I have been frustrated in my attempts to figure out how to estimate what it will cost to ship.  I don’t want to get burned on shipping costs, so I decided to list this on our local sale site in hopes that someone wants it.

So there are a few new items, however, I am totally having auction sale withdrawals.  This weekend I work all three days at my son’s last swim meet for the summer season.  We have started homeschooling this week, so that is now taking up a lot of time. I am hopefully to hit one or two auctions this month yet.  You can be sure I will show you my goodies when I find them.

Are you finding any great treasures?


Thrifty Finds – Dec 19

Brown Hardshell Suitcase a

I haven’t had a thrift find report lately.  I have been hunting for items in my garage and storage area to list to my Etsy Shop.  I continue to enjoy finding suitcases. The one listed above sold in just a few days.

Janet Lennon Dolls a

I found this Janet Lennon Stand Up Paper Doll set in the bottom of a box.

Janet Lennon Dolls d

Look how adorable the clothes are.  It brought back memories of the Lawrence Welk Show.  My parents used to watch it on Saturday evenings after they finished milking cows and they were getting ready to go out on a night on the town.  I loved watching Mom dress and my Dad shave with his Old Spice aftershave.

Mod Ice Bucket a

This mod ice bucket has a wonderful design.

Michelob Pitcher a

Superbowl Sunday will be coming up so the Michelob Pitcher might be a great thing to serve the beer in.

Pyrex Casserole Cradle a

Of course I found some Pryex.  This Bluebird Promotional Pyrex Casserole with cradle is so pretty.

Pyrex Turquoise Casserole a

Or this primary Blue Pyrex Casserole is just gorgeous.

Glass Cake Pedestal a

Or this stunning cake or cupcake glass pedestal plate

And I started with a suitcase, so I had to finish with a typewriter; one of a few others items I just can’t resist buying.

Royal Electric Typewriter c

Normally I go for manual typewriters, but this one is a Royal 1970s electric typewriter that still works.  I just know there are people out there that want to have an electric typewriter.  Just couldn’t let it go in the trash.

So there you go, many of my thifty finds that I am digging out of my own stash. I bought these items this summer, but never had time to do anything with.  There are a few inches of snow on the ground, so there are no garage sales or auction sales.  But that is ok, I get just as excited to find a treasure that I had forgotten as when I first found it.

Do you forget you have some of your thrifty finds?



Thrifty Finds – Nov 2

I haven’t done a thrifty finds post in a while.  Thought I would show you a few finds.

This beauty is a Marwal Chalkware Polynesian beauty.  I listed is on Wednesday, and she sold on Thursday to a wonderful customer in Australia.  She really is a beauty.

I like train cases. Or do you call them a makeup case, overnight case or even a travel case?  Anyway I like them, and this one has character.

I really like the gold design of this Pyrex large mixing bowl.  I still haven’t researched the name of the pattern yet.  I normally don’t like gold, but this one is pretty.

I was thrilled to find this Spaulding Indian Club in a box of wood I won at an auction.  I think it would be a great piece for rustic decor.

Isn’t this Holiday thermos fun?  It isn’t as large as most thermos bottles, but what I like is that color.  It also has “holiday” on it.  I have it listed, but you can be sure it will be part of my Christmas decor if it doesn’t sell.

Since I mentioned the holidays, I had to show you this Mrs. Santa apron.  I think it is adorable; any one playing Mrs. Claus would love it.  It is quilted on the bottom.  Some day I will try quilt again.  I pieced one wall hanging together when I was pregnant with my youngest who is now 13.  That was as far as I got. Just not enough time.

Finally had to show you this large basket.  It is galvanized steel., and it is rusted.  What I love is the rope handles.  I can see it as a display piece tipped on its side. Maybe a blanket coming out of it and then fall flowers and pumpkins.  If nothing else it will make a great flower-pot since it has pin holes in the bottom.

With fall here, are you finding any good thrifted items?

Thrifty Finds – July 15

I just had to show you a teaser of the items I picked up on Friday at the garage sale by Lydia, the 93-year-old woman.  It is a galvanized, square tub full of items.  I still haven’t had any time to go through it.  So every spare minute I have this week, you can bet I will be working on going through it.  The best part is this isn’t it.  I got several more items.  So today I thought I would show you a couple other items.

I got this suitcase from Lydia.  You can’t see it, but her husband’s name is printed on the outside.  She told me he died in 1992 due to complications of MS.  I have listed a couple of suitcases and they have sold well, so I need to get this one listed.

I got this suitcase about 10 days ago at an auction sale.  It even has the key, but it does have a musty smell, so I am working on airing that out.  Got to get this one listed.  So taking photos of these reminded me of one I got several months ago that got put aside.

Yep, need to get these all listed.  The hard part is finding boxes large enough to ship them in.

I just had to buy Lydia’s magazine rack.  Love the mod look to it.  I am still not into gold, but I know gold is making a come back.

I listed these Bell Quilted Crystal jelly jars that I found last year.  I figured canning season is coming, so I best get them listed.  They are from the 1970s.

I fell for this blue stoneware bowl with a lid.  This was an auction buy.

This Square Red Pyrex bowl was a hidden treasure in a Choice Box at an auction sale.  The item I was wanting wasn’t what I thought, but this guy was at the bottom.  Love happy surprises like that. Pyrex has sold very well for me.  Just sent off the Pink Pyrex bowls I showed you early this month to someone in Montana.  The woman bought it for her sister’s bridal shower who is into vintage and pink.

Look at this Red Wing Pot.  This color does not sell well for me, but I love Red Wing items so I took a chance.

Look at this unique Brass candelabra. It is so heavy  I love the bowl in the middle.  If it doesn’t sell, I might keep it and spray paint it.  Is it a crime to paint brass?

I will finish this post with this last item for today.  I love this cast iron implement seat.  I do not know if it came from a tractor or something like a rake, but I snatched it up at an auction for a steal.

I am looking forward to showing you all my goodies as I go through them.  Did you find any bargains this week?

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