Rush of Remembering – Spaghetti Drizzle Cups


Oh my, I so had that rush of remembering again.  Booth88 on Esty liked one of my items, so I decided to check her shop out when if found these Spaghetti Drizzle Cups.

My parents had these cups while I was growing up.  They had a group of couples who got together monthly for a Card Club.  They played pinocle.  I remember sitting next to my Mom or Dad watching and learning.  Yes, I love to play pinocle to this day.  They always served drinks in these glasses.  The roly-poly bottoms didn’t keep them upright.  They would spill and right themselves. The colors were soft.  I loved those glasses.  I wonder whatever happened to these glasses.

These are one item that if I ever found for a good price, I would keep for myself.