Thrifty Finds – July 9

Glass Light Fixture b

Look at this lovely glass chandelier.  The glass sparkles and the silver is cool, but it needs to be rewired.

Embroidered Pillowcase Pair d

I really enjoy linens that ladies have added their personal touch to.  This is from a pair of pillowcases that have been embroidered and then the edge crocheted.  Wow, really time-consuming.  I used to cross stitch so I know needle work can be so time-consuming.  Sometimes I want to start cross stitching again, but then I remember…I don’t have enough time.

Wood Globe Clipboard a

I have been trying to list a few school items since back to school shopping will be starting soon.  This clipboard is over 100 years old. It is marked Globe Clipboard Jan 31, 93.  When I purchased it, it has an old bull clip on it and two old tags. I knew it had to be older than 1993.  What I found is that Globe Files Company was founded in 1889 and then was bought out by Wernicke in 1899. After that the products were marked Globe Wernicke.  So it has to be before 1899.  How cool is that?  How many different notes were written on this board. This one I was so tempted to keep, but I am trying to clean out.

Swingline Stapler e

I added this Swingline Stapler.  Love it.  I think it is from 1940s, so not quite as old as the clipboard.  Love the shape and design.

Arrow Stapler 107 a

This Arrow 107 Stapler is even newer, but still vintage.  I like the chrome with black look.

Scotch Tape Dispenser Yellow a

I love the yellow of this Scotch Tape Dispenser.  The block shape and the color would look fantastic on anyone’s desk.

Scientific Scale A

Finally this Fisher Scientific Scale is cool looking.  I think it would look great in any office.

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Nursery Scale and Toy Telephone Love

Edited:  The scale sold immediately to a wonderful photographer in Ohio.  I bet many Moms are going to love the photos they get with their little one on this scale.

Look what I found…another scale.  This one is simply adorable.  It is an American Family Nursery Scale.  Why a nursery scale, you ask?

Because it has the platform for the scale, so that a newborn could be weighed.  This scale is in awesome condition for its age.  I think it was the late 1960s.

Can’t you just see it in a nursery or a photographer using it for a photography prop.  Just add a little white fur in the platform, and it would make an awesome photo.  Almost makes me wish I had a little one on the way, just to take a photo.  Almost, but not quite.

Anyway, I just had to show it to you. I already listed it in my shop. 

You may not be able to see it, but this scale can weigh up to 30 pounds…what?  Has there ever been a newborn that weighs that much?  My sympathies to that dear one’s Mom.

I also found this adorable red metal toy telephone.  I adore the look of this phone.  It is so cute.  I wonder if a toddler would even know what it is?  It really does not look anything like a home phone of today much less the cell phones that most people have.  I am sure feeling nostalgic today.

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